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Bedroom designs that guarantee relaxation and a great night’s sleep

There’s simply no getting away from the fact that a predominantly white bedroom is the key to creating a fresh and restful space that you can’t wait to sink into at the end of a long day. Let’s not forget that a bright bedroom is always a joy to wake up in as well! The interior designer that curated all of these bedrooms had such a great handle on how to use white, in conjunction with bright accent colors and funky patterns that we had no option but to collate some of our favorite spaces, to show you today! We think you’ll be seriously tempted to initiate a bedroom redesign after seeing these, so let’s get to the pictures!

1. A little pop of color adds such vibrancy to this minimal space!

When all your furniture and accessories are white, go for some textiles that have a pop of color to add some personality.

2. Pastel wood cladding is such an eye-catching feature.

Neutral colored walls in warmer, earthier tones will help you relax better.

3. White and gray are a fresh space combination of dreams!

White and gray is the biggest design trend right now! From minimalist to Scandinavian themes, this color combination is a timeless pair that will surely set the mood right.

4. Love that view! It makes artwork unnecessary!

If you’re lucky to have a bedroom window with a view, looking into the distance is enough to relax your eyes.

5. Some luxe fabrics are all you really need in an already bright room!

Egyptian cotton, silk, and satin will all guarantee you melting into your bed at night!

6. Love the contrast of dark hues in this twin bedroom!

A contrast of dark and light done right will give a luxurious feeling into any space.

7. How nautical and nice! Navy and white is so fresh!

In color psychology, blue is known to be a relaxing color. Combine that with a nautical theme, and you can imagine an endless beach holiday!

8. All-white everything is anything but boring!

All white is timeless, easy to clean, and reduces visual and mental clutter. Going this minimal route will help you really focus on what matters.

9. Woah! This bedroom is plaid to the bone but so bright and airy!

If you’re more for colorful patterns, make sure to balance them off with plain color blocks. This plaid headboard is balanced off with a simple white bed sheet.

10. Love these bright and coastal colors that really create a fresh bedroom!

11. We have to say that red really works to create a sunny space!

12. Shabby chic design is ideal for a fresh-looking bedroom!

For a very luxurious and relaxing space, go for a combination of white and wood.

13. How can white walls look so dynamic? Amazing!

Adding  a few picture frames in your bedroom will also help you feel more relaxed. Imagine seeing your favorite photos or travel destinations just before bedtime!

14. This floor offers such a rich contrast to the bright walls!

Darker flooring paired with light-colored walls will give you a luxurious feeling. You can get extra coziness by adding an area rug.

15. Rainbow accents in a white room? SO chic!

Pops of color will give you a fresh and new feeling. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a wave of new energy?

Look at this amazing kid’s bed too!

16. A mix of patterns works so well in a white room!

If your walls are painted white, you’re free to personalize your bedroom accessories to your heart’s desire. What better way to get a good night’s sleep than having the feeling that it is truly your space?

17. Blended neutrals feel so calm, bright and refreshing!

Taupe, brown, white, and grays. Combine these all and you will find yourself in a warm-feeling bedroom.

18. Wow! This suite looks so enchanting, finished in all-white!

All white with a few accents of dark blue will always give a clean and fresh feeling.

19. Loving this pink accent that adds in some flirty charm!

Any princess or princess-want-to-be will most certainly feel at home with pink accents within the bedroom.

20. Colorful textiles are absolutely the way to liven up a fresh and white space!

For even more bedroom ideas, take a look at this article: 10 bedroom decor ideas you’ll love!



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Clever Ways to Use Curtain Hardware That Have Nothing to Do With Windows

There’s a certain genius in repurposing things for uses they weren’t originally intended for. Today we’re turning our attention to the world of curtain hardware. Sure, all those rods and brackets are good for hanging curtains…but they’re also good for a lot of other things, too. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite uses.

(Image credit: Style at Home)

In the kitchen

I’ve long been a proponent of the pot rail as an elegant kitchen storage solution, and as this DIY from Style at Home proves, curtain rods and brackets are a great way to create a pot rail, even one that stretches the length of a rather long space.

(Image credit: Domino)

In the bedroom

There’s no denying the beauty and romance of a canopy bed—but canopy beds can also be really expensive. To get the look on a budget, try mounting a pipe frame from curtain rod brackets, as seen in this example from Domino.

(Image credit: Country Living)

In the bathroom

Tension rods are de rigeur in the bathroom, but if you’re looking for something that will hold up your shower curtain and also impart a touch of class, try a ceiling-mounted curtain rod. The brass shower curtain rod takes things up a notch in this bathroom from Country Living—and the fact that the shower curtain is mounted much higher than you would expect, almost at the ceiling, draws the eye upward and visually heightens the space.

(Image credit: Dina Holland Interiors)

Dina Holland of Dina Holland Interiors did the same thing in her bathroom, giving her tub the style and presence of a picture window.

(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

Another way to use curtain hardware in the bathroom is to create a towel rail. I’m particularly partial to this DIY from A Beautiful Mess, which combines curtain rod brackets and lucite rods for a very luxe look.

(Image credit: Hemlangten)

As wall hooks

Really, curtain rod finials aren’t too far from wall hooks, and when you find them, all you need to do is drill a hole and insert a two-way screw (if they don’t have screws in them already). This can make for a clever and very appealing display of wall hooks, as seen on Hemlangten.

(Image credit: Cedar Hill Farmhouse)

This photo from Cedar Hill Farmhouse shows a finial pressed into service as a towel hook. Follow the link and you’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions.

(Image credit: Livet Hemma)

For hanging art

IKEA’s DIGNITET wire curtain hanging system is equally good for displaying art, as seen here on Livet Hemma.

(Image credit: Designer Trapped)

For a more hefty and permanent system, you could create something like this one from Designer Trapped, where Tasha mounted a rod to the wall with curtain hardware, and then created a series of frames designed to hang on the rod.

(Image credit: The Bird and Her Song)

For hanging plants

In this DIY from The Bird and Her Song, curtain rod brackets are used to mount wooden dowels in front of a kitchen window. Pots hung from the dowels make for a beautiful kitchen garden—and a great way to grow things, with or without an outdoor space.



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Designers Debate Rugs vs. Bare Floors

Caleb Anderson and Jenny Kirschner weigh in on the decorating dilemma

A rug typically seems like a no-brainer when decorating a space, whether it’s a long runner in the hallway, a traditional hand-loomed creation underneath the bed, or maybe even a zebra hide below a foyer’s entry table. Rugs can add a layer of warmth to a room with their luxurious materials and textures, and they can reflect your personal style depending on the pattern and color. But when you have to constantly vacuum up the shedding layers of wool, or reposition furniture to cover up that spot of red wine you spilled last weekend, the design staple can start to seem like an endless chore, prompting you to question whether a rug is really necessary at all. Here, AD tapped two interior designers to make the case for their position on the conundrum.
Marco Ricca

Rugs, rugs, and more rugs

“Rugs are singularly one of the most transformative elements in a room. They elevate an interior with different colors, textures, and patterns as well as ground a space. I once used a bright citrine over-dyed antique rug in a bedroom to dramatically set off the otherwise neutral space, and the impact was quite compelling and rich. The relevance of floor coverings spans cultures and centuries, resulting in an incredible range of styles and materials, which make them appropriate for almost any setting. Whether in a subtle rich texture, like the novel metallic rugs by Hechizoo and Pinton, the luxe woven leathers of Charles Schambourg, or a vibrant pattern, rugs are an integral part of a well-designed room.” —Caleb Anderson of Drake/Anderson

Traditional Dining Room by Suzanne Lovell in Fort Sheridan, Illinois
The dining room of a 1890 Queen Anne–style home in Fort Sheridan, Illinois, designed by Suzanne Lovell.

Tony Soluri

No rug necessary

“People who tend to go rug-free usually entertain and fear that a carpet will act as a catch-all for delicious accidents that invariably happen at dinner parties. For example, in a very grand, pre-war apartment I’m currently designing, my client specifically did not want a rug in her family’s formal dining room since she entertains on a regular basis. But without one, the existing space felt unfinished and a little barren. Her dining table and chairs were just floating in the middle of the space—so lonely. As a solution, I am in the process of creating an ‘area rug’ with beautiful mosaic tile. This will not only provide the same grounding appearance that a rug imparts when placed under a table and collection of chairs but also add some color, pattern, and durability to the space. I am also constructing a fabulous wall covering that adds visual interest to further make up for the lack of warmth that an area rug typically delivers. I think it’s important to compensate in situations where the impracticality of a rug outweighs the aesthetic benefits.” —Jenna Dina Kirschner


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No Room to Work at Home? Offices that Fit into the Smallest of Spaces

Sometimes, sitting on the couch with your computer propped in your lap just doesn’t cut it. When it comes to really getting work done, there’s nothing like an actual, dedicated workspace. And you may think that living in a small space means you don’t have room for a desk, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Check out these ten examples of workspaces cleverly squeezed into the smallest of spaces.

Above: If you have a particularly wide hallway or entryway, why not add a desk? This little workspace, from Entrance (via My Domaine), makes use of a vintage desk (or is that maybe a small hall table?), but if space is tight, a wall-mounted desk would work great, as well.

(Image credit: Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo)

Wall mounted desks are one of my favorite solutions for small spaces: they take up way less space than their four-legged counterparts, and you can put one practically anywhere. In this photo from Cup of Jo, a deep shelf mounted under the windows adds an attractive workspace to a sunny little spot.

(Image credit: Stadshem)

Corners are also a great spot for wall-mounted desks, as seen in this photo from Stadshem, via SF Girl by Bay.

Here’s an even more diminutive corner desk from Inside Out, cut into a custom shape to make the best possible use of the corner while taking up as little space as possible.

(Image credit: Kate Collins Interiors)

A nightstand that doubles as a desk is a great solution for a small bedroom. Image from Kate Collins Interiors.

(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

Got a small, unused niche in your living room or bedroom that’s not big enough for a dresser or bookcase? Turn it into a tiny home office, like Myka and George did in their California home.

If your lease allows, mounting shelves above the desk is a great way to boost storage in your office nook. Julie and Jasper added shelves and a wall-mounted desk to make this niche especially useful.

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

Let’s say hanging shelves isn’t an option for you. Well, a leaning desk, like this one from West Elm, might just be the solution you need. Jessica added one to her NYC apartment, with a fabric-wrapped panel behind for pinning inspirations.

(Image credit: Jocelyn Baun)

From Design*Sponge, here’s a clever solution that makes use of the depth of a windowsill. The computer sits in the window, while a wall-mounted shelf holds the keyboard and mouse. Add a rolling cart for storage, and you’ve got a complete desk setup that barely takes up any square footage at all.

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

A vintage school desk is small enough to fit inobtrusively into a corner of your living room, but just the right size for an occasional workstation. Milo and Jessica use this spot as a workspace, and store their computer when it’s not in use to avoid visual clutter.



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7 Real Homes that Master the Art of Organization

It’s easy to spend an entire day clicking through photos of gorgeous houses and apartments and finding decor inspiration, but what about when it comes to organizing? There are beautiful, clever ways to store your things that you may not have even thought of yet. From the simple use of space underneath furniture to entire walls dedicated to storing items and showing off books and decor, here are seven smart organization solutions from real homes that will leave you ready to tidy up and declutter your entire space.

Amanda and Mike’s IKEA-Hacked Playroom

Amanda and Mike hacked IKEA bookcases to make the sleek storage benches above in their son’s playroom. The result? Tons of seating, plenty of space to stow away things in bins, and an impeccably organized play space.

Farida’s Impressively Tidy At-Home Library

If Farida’s wall of bookcases doesn’t inspire you, we’re not sure what will—and not just because of all the books. The expertly organized bins on the bottom shelf and the top of the units balances out and makes great use of the space.

Courtney’s Smart Use of Storage Furniture

Courtney Quinn’s bright, artful apartment already looks tidy on first glance, but what we love most is her clever use of a coffee table that contains hidden storage space inside and folds out as a desk when she has work to do.

Jackie’s Cleverly Organized Studio Divider

With this IKEA Kallax shelving unit, Jackie not only gives herself a beautiful space to store and show off her things, she also smartly divides up her studio to give herself a more private bedroom area.

Stephanie’s Enviably Neat Closet Space

Blogger Stephanie Sterjovski’s combination closet/office space—featuring open shelving for organizing and showing off bags and shoes as well as plenty of hanging space and drawers for tucking things out of sight—is the stuff of dreams. Click here to see the rest of the condo.

Shannon and Mike’s Simple Storage Solutions

It’s simple, but beautifully effective—Shannon and Mike took advantage of the space under their table (which also has storage options) by sliding in plain white bins that almost blend into the wall behind it. Hidden in plain sight!

Kate’s Beautifully Organized Makeup Collection

Blogger Kate La Vie’s apartment tour reveals an incredibly tidy vanity table (and a separate makeup collection) so organized, it’ll inspire you to revamp your own. The rest of her space is equally gorgeous and neat—seriously, even the plants look organized.



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Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas You’ll Both Love

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question.

couple cuddling in a romantic bedroom 

Set a more romantic scene in your bedroom with relaxing scented candles, soft sumptuous bedding and warm natural accents and furniture.


    christine flynn wave photograph

    Photo by One Kings Lane

    Ocean scenes can inspire sensuality, romance and mystery in the best possible way.

    SHOP NOW: Christine Flynn, Wave, $189-$389,


    mid-century ceramic table lamp

    Photo by Lamps Plus

    With its curving shape and warm wood base and neck, this attractive table lamp would be perfect on your bedside table or dresser.

    SHOP NOW: Mid-Century ceramic table lamp, $100,​


    classic core percale dot sheet set

    Photo by Brooklinen

    Choose a soft percale sheet with a playful dot pattern as the base layer of your bedding.

    SHOP NOW: Navy dot sheet set, $99-$119,​


    giorgio wooden bed

    Photo by Gilt

    A wooden bed frame offers a sleek design element you’ll love, while also suggesting a strong, sturdy look he’ll appreciate.

    SHOP NOW: Giorgio wooden bed, $1,799,​


    clover stripe bedspread

    Photo by Amara

    A luxuriously soft decorative bedspread should be the finishing touch to your décor scheme.

    SHOP NOW: Clover stripe bedspread, $201,


    Photo by Hayneedle

    A shimmering gold side table lends just a hint of sophisticated glamour to your space.

    SHOP NOW: Gold accent table, $94,


    agarwood and amber scented candle

    Photo by Barneys

    A sensuous combination of amber, tuberose and agarwood, this scented candle is a great way to add a subtle touch of romance without spending a lot.​

    SHOP NOW: Cochine candle, $65,


    blurred water cotton rug

    Photo by Nordstrom

    Wether it’s indigo, sky or navy, ​every room could do with a touch of this soothing shade.

    SHOP NOW: Blurred water rug, $24-$699,



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How to Decorate a Modern Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often the centerpiece of the living room. We arrange seating around the coffee table. We use it to hold essentials such as books and drink coasters. It becomes an impromptu appetizer buffet when it’s time to entertain. So why is it easy to get stuck when it comes to decorating the modern coffee table? Perhaps it’s because sleek, carefully curated spaces demand the thoughtful placement of decor. Our advice: have fun with it. Not to mention, sometimes less is more. Keep reading for helpful tips and eye-catching examples of modern coffee table style!

Less Is More

When in doubt, leave it out. This simple phrase can be a guiding principle as you style your modern coffee table. And even if your coffee table is made of stone, remember that nothing is set in stone when it comes to coffee table decor! You can always add and take away items as needed. Start simple with one large statement, such as a dish filled with seashells:

Dish of shells on a modern coffee table
Dish of shells on a modern coffee table (Image by Alex Ion /

RELATED: How to Style a Coffee Table

Sometimes our first instinct is to cover large surfaces with an array of items. Yet lots of “stuff” can make even the largest of spaces seem cluttered. Try leaving a portion of your coffee table exposed for a clean look:

Minimal coffee table decor
Minimal coffee table decor (Image by Alex Ion /

Tempted to display your entire vase collection? Start with just one. You may decide that one is all it takes!

Coffee table with a sleek vase
Coffee table with a sleek vase (Image by Alex Ion /

For those who prefer a bountiful yet tidy look, try placing one bloom-filled vase on your coffee table. The look is abundant yet contemporary, especially if you choose interesting flowers for your arrangement!

Floral arrangement on a coffee table by Montbel
Floral arrangement on a coffee table by Montbel (Image by Alex Ion /

Mellow Tones

If a grouping of items interests you and you’re determined to keep the look low-key, try taking a mellow approach. Choose items in understated tones, such as soft blue. You can also opt for a monochromatic feel by sticking to objects in the same color family.

Coffee table decor in mellow tones
Coffee table decor in mellow tones (Image by Alex Ion /

…or items of the very same color or material!

Monochromatic coffee table decor
Monochromatic coffee table decor (Image by Alex Ion /

A trio of vases makes a lovely yet calm statement on the low coffee table below. The dual-toned surface of the smallest vase creates just the right amount of drama. More on adding drama in the next section!

Trio of vases on a low coffee table
Trio of vases on a low coffee table (Image by Alex Ion /

A tone-on-tone strategy is unexpected. By matching the decor to the color of the coffee table, items stand out simply because the concept is interesting. Plus, the look is anything but cluttered, as both decor and table make a unified statement.

Monochromatic coffee table style
Monochromatic coffee table style (Image by Alex Ion /

Transparent glass is another way to go, whether the glass is colorful or clear. Try filling a clear container with sculptural objects (or one artful item) for an alluring centerpiece:

Coffee table featuring sculptural decor
Coffee table featuring sculptural decor (Image by Alex Ion /

If a grouping interests you, it never hurts to keep the colors neutral. Gray, black, beige and brass are a great place to start. Sometimes all it takes is greenery to add a dose of natural color.

Coffee table decor in understated shades
Coffee table decor in understated shades (Image by Alex Ion /

Creating Drama

So understated isn’t your style? Adding drama just might be the way to go. Even when it comes to bold statements, sometimes less is more. Especially when the focal point is this interesting:

Coffee table with sculptural artwork
Coffee table with sculptural artwork (Image by Alex Ion /

RELATED: Trendy Coffee Table Ideas For The Modern Minimalist

Large sculptural items are the perfect choice for modern coffee tables. Bonus points if you showcase a centerpiece that’s delightfully unexpected!

Coffee table with a sculptural elephant
Coffee table with a sculptural elephant (Image by Alex Ion /

A grouping of items gets a big dose of drama by varying the height of the items on display. Below we see a collection of interesting, elegant items, including a trio of striking black vases:

Dramatic coffee table decor
Dramatic coffee table decor (Image by Alex Ion /

Don’t forget about the power of one large vase containing sculptural flowers. We’re fans of calla lilies:

Calla lilies add drama and height to a low coffee table
Calla lilies add drama and height to a low coffee table (Image by Alex Ion /

Last but not least, instead of focusing on a cluster of items, you can add drama by grouping a cluster of tables, especially if the tables are slightly different heights. Since more is more when it comes to the tables below, clean-lined vases are all that’s needed to top them!

Vary the height of your coffee table decor
Vary the height of your coffee table decor (Image by Alex Ion /

We hope today’s post inspired you with a range of options. Don’t be afraid to go bold! Have fun and adjust the arrangement as needed. Happy decorating!



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10 homes with clever storage solutions on Dezeen’s Pinterest boards

Pegboard display walls and a partition made up of maze-like shelving are just some of the clever storage solutions squeezed into the small homes and tiny apartments that feature in this week’s Pinterest roundup.


PV2 by Lucas y Hernández-Gil

A partition wall incorporating a maze-like set of shelves separates the dining and living spaces of this light-filled Madrid apartment by Spanish studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil.

Find out more about PV2 ›


Home Office in Florence by Silvia Allori

Pegged holes in the walls provide modular bookshelves in this home and workspace that Silvia Allori designed for herself. The Florence apartment also features wall panels that fold down to form a dining-room table.

Find out more about Home Office in Florence ›


Apartment renovation by Catseye

Bespoke joinery creates room dividers that double up as a wardrobe for this Sydney studio apartment renovated by local design firm Catseye Bay.

Find out more about this apartment renovation ›


Gibson Gardens by Emil Eve Architects

Architect couple Emma and Ross Perkin used plywood to create bespoke storage solutions inside this tiny London flat, allowing them to showcase books, toys and cooking ingredients.

Find out more about Gibson Gardens ›


Space-saving Modular Studio for an Artist by Raanan Stern

Two desks, pegboard display walls and a folding bed are contained inside this 15-square metre artist’s studio built by Israeli architect Ranaan Stern.

Find out more about Space-saving Modular Studio ›


Plywood Trio Apartment by Buj+Colón Arquitectos

Cupboards and bookshelves are built into a plywood staircase that also frames a doorway in this Madrid apartment by Buj+Colón Arquitectos. Pockets of space underneath each of the treads can also be used to display books and magazines.

Find out more about Plywood Trio Apartment ›


Toy Management House by Austin Maynard Architects

This remodelled Melbourne house by Austin Maynard Architects features a ground floor that lifts up to reveal a huge toy box, providing storage space for the occupant’s young son.

Find out more about Toy Management House ›


Artists’ Studio by Ruetemple

Plywood partitions also function as shelves in this Moscow studio and home for an artist, separating the working area from the living space, and keeping art supplies tidied away.

Find out more about Artists’ Studio ›


Mendelkern by David Lebenthal Architects

This Tel Aviv house that architect David Lebenthal designed for himself and his family features a staircase flanked by steel rods, which support welded shelves displaying plants and ceramics.

Find out more about Mendelkern ›



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Pattaya Classic Car Enthusiasts Drive Alfas to Hua Hin

The president of the Classic Car Friends Club of Pattaya got a rare opportunity to drive a restored, 43-year-old Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 500 kilometers to Hua Hin for a classic-car show last month.

The annual show’s tour began in Singapore August 25, moved through Malaysia and on to Thailand, taking drivers 3,200 km over five days.  The event this year was organized by Kelly Leong of AROC Malaysia and was supported by AROC Singapore.

Pattaya Classic Car Friends Club President (your scribe) and fellow motorists set off from home base on August 26 and arrived in Hua Hin the next day without any problems.  The three classic cars that made the trip worked perfectly and drivers experienced moderate traffic and good roads in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province’s main tourist city.

An hour after they arrived, the Malaysian and Singaporean Alfa Romeo drivers appeared after their 1,500 km drive.

Pattaya and Bangkok drivers gave all the “Alfistis” a warm welcome on behalf of the GTV and Giulia Society chapters.  Over the next two days, great events were arranged, including sightseeing tours in Hua Hin and its surroundings.

The participants also enjoyed a gala dinner and small ceremony where the “three nations drivers” were welcomed by the deputy mayor of Hua Hin, Monti Chupha, and his entourage.

The next morning two police officers escorted the cars on the trip to Prachuap Khiri Khan City.  All drivers were welcomed by Posit Kruawan, president of the provincial tourism association, at the San Lak Mean.

The next stop was the Royal Thai Air Force Wing 5 base and Ao Manao Bay for its famous view.  They then moved to the “Venice of Hua Hin,” with its many rivers and gondola rides.  The day ended with a meal at a waterfront seafood restaurant.

On August 28, the Alfas visited the Rajabakthi Park, a memorial to the past kings of Thailand.  From there, the Singapore and Malaysia drivers paid a visit to the home of group captain Piyawat Kunra­chat and were the recipients of wonderful hospitality, being given refreshments and souvenirs of local products.

The drivers began the trip back to their home countries and cities on August 29 and all will be eager to attend a repeat of this event in 2017.

Note: For more information about the Classic Car Friends Club of Pattaya, visit website: