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Bedroom designs that guarantee relaxation and a great night’s sleep

There’s simply no getting away from the fact that a predominantly white bedroom is the key to creating a fresh and restful space that you can’t wait to sink into at the end of a long day. Let’s not forget that a bright bedroom is always a joy to wake up in as well! The interior designer that curated all of these bedrooms had such a great handle on how to use white, in conjunction with bright accent colors and funky patterns that we had no option but to collate some of our favorite spaces, to show you today! We think you’ll be seriously tempted to initiate a bedroom redesign after seeing these, so let’s get to the pictures!

1. A little pop of color adds such vibrancy to this minimal space!

When all your furniture and accessories are white, go for some textiles that have a pop of color to add some personality.

2. Pastel wood cladding is such an eye-catching feature.

Neutral colored walls in warmer, earthier tones will help you relax better.

3. White and gray are a fresh space combination of dreams!

White and gray is the biggest design trend right now! From minimalist to Scandinavian themes, this color combination is a timeless pair that will surely set the mood right.

4. Love that view! It makes artwork unnecessary!

If you’re lucky to have a bedroom window with a view, looking into the distance is enough to relax your eyes.

5. Some luxe fabrics are all you really need in an already bright room!

Egyptian cotton, silk, and satin will all guarantee you melting into your bed at night!

6. Love the contrast of dark hues in this twin bedroom!

A contrast of dark and light done right will give a luxurious feeling into any space.

7. How nautical and nice! Navy and white is so fresh!

In color psychology, blue is known to be a relaxing color. Combine that with a nautical theme, and you can imagine an endless beach holiday!

8. All-white everything is anything but boring!

All white is timeless, easy to clean, and reduces visual and mental clutter. Going this minimal route will help you really focus on what matters.

9. Woah! This bedroom is plaid to the bone but so bright and airy!

If you’re more for colorful patterns, make sure to balance them off with plain color blocks. This plaid headboard is balanced off with a simple white bed sheet.

10. Love these bright and coastal colors that really create a fresh bedroom!

11. We have to say that red really works to create a sunny space!

12. Shabby chic design is ideal for a fresh-looking bedroom!

For a very luxurious and relaxing space, go for a combination of white and wood.

13. How can white walls look so dynamic? Amazing!

Adding  a few picture frames in your bedroom will also help you feel more relaxed. Imagine seeing your favorite photos or travel destinations just before bedtime!

14. This floor offers such a rich contrast to the bright walls!

Darker flooring paired with light-colored walls will give you a luxurious feeling. You can get extra coziness by adding an area rug.

15. Rainbow accents in a white room? SO chic!

Pops of color will give you a fresh and new feeling. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a wave of new energy?

Look at this amazing kid’s bed too!

16. A mix of patterns works so well in a white room!

If your walls are painted white, you’re free to personalize your bedroom accessories to your heart’s desire. What better way to get a good night’s sleep than having the feeling that it is truly your space?

17. Blended neutrals feel so calm, bright and refreshing!

Taupe, brown, white, and grays. Combine these all and you will find yourself in a warm-feeling bedroom.

18. Wow! This suite looks so enchanting, finished in all-white!

All white with a few accents of dark blue will always give a clean and fresh feeling.

19. Loving this pink accent that adds in some flirty charm!

Any princess or princess-want-to-be will most certainly feel at home with pink accents within the bedroom.

20. Colorful textiles are absolutely the way to liven up a fresh and white space!

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