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Inside an Architect’s Bag

There are many stereotypes associated with being an architect — our “over-the-shoulder” messenger bag is certainly one of them. In my particular case, I definitely fit the mold of the architects stereotype because not only do I have a messenger bag, I love the one I own.

I wrote a post a while back titled “An Architects tool bag” in which I listed the things I thought were paramount to me doing my job. In that post, I talked about the items that were in my office that I used the most often — that is not what this post is covering — and I thought it would be interesting to show people what I carry around in my bag. I’ve seen posts like this before, and while being a little bit voyeuristic, I typically find them interesting (I’m not going to think about what that says about me).

So … what is in my architect’s bag? Let’s take a look.

1. MacBook Pro 15”: I got this computer for my birthday present in 2012 after being a lifelong PC user. Despite the fact that there are aspects of my Mac that I love, I am still struggling to learn how to use it in some instances. [NB: This post was originally written in 2013.]

2. 12” x 50 yard roll of trace paper: I go through a lot of trace paper, and I can’t imagine that ever changing. I do wish that I still had access to yellow trace, but the yellow doesn’t xerox as cleanly as the white.

3. Architectural scale: I literally have dozens of these things laying about. They are like zucchini in the summertime; they seem to multiply on their own over night.

4. Pencils: Ticonderoga erasable “Carmine Red” 425T and Prismacolor “Mediterranean Blue.” I keep two different colors on hand: red to mark up drawings and make notes, the blue to add some color to my sketches (typically sky or windows).

5. Sharpie Pens: “Fine Tip” and “Ultra Fine Tip.” Two of my heavy-use, go-to pens for sketching. I like to sketch with the ultra fine tip, but I almost always go back over them with the fine tip to add some pen weight and profile lines. I don’t really know why it’s called a “fine tip.” It’s not particularly fine.

6. Paper Mate Pens: Flair M — the first pen that has worked its way into my “all Sharpie pen” lineup. I’m not sure when I started using the PaperMate Flair pen, but it has replaced the Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip pen as my daily use pen. All you have to do is look at the quantities and you know this to be true.

7. Medicine: Gas X (for bloating) and Sominex (sleep aid). Including these items on this list takes a bit of courage. I’ll admit that flying tends to make me bloated, and I don’t want to be “that” guy poisoning the air on the plane. You’re welcome.

8. Staedtler Mars drafting dots: I used regular masking tape when I was in school, but now that I’ve “made it,” I pony up for the drafting dots.

9. Business cards: I hand out a lot of business cards, and so I generally keep a lot on hand. Ironically, I don’t hand out these cards to potential clients all that much; most of the time, it’s at consultant and vendor meetings.

10. Ice Breakers breath mints: Again … you’re welcome.

11. Aquaphor Lip Therapy: I hardly use this stuff, but I keep it in my bag anyways. It’s pretty humid where I live, and if I travel somewhere dry, I need this stuff.

12. Tumi Delta Passport Wallet: A present from my wife to replace a wallet that I thought I had lost. I don’t like sitting on my wallet so I like the ones that are tall so I can spread the contents out. Anything to make the wallet thinner (the economy has been helping make it thinner).

13. Change: (7) quarters, (2) dimes, (2) nickels and (5) pennies

14. Headphones: Sennheiser IE4 ear buds. Great headphones, pure and simple.

15. Portable Hard Drive: A LaCie Porsche Design P’9220 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive 302000. I don’t like to keep to keep “Life of an Architect” stuff on work computers (and I process a lot of photos and graphics), so I carry around this portable hard drive.

16. MacBook Pro 85w Magsafe portable power adapter with wrist bracelet rubber band: I have two chargers, one I keep at home and the other that travels with me. Despite the fantastic packaging that is associated with Apple products, I’m not aware of one that deals with the power cord. I took a rubber wrist band bracelet that my daughter had (and said she wasn’t EVER going to wear) and use it to keep my cord nice and tidy.

17. Tumi Men’s Meridian Letter Padfolio: Also a gift from my wife some years ago, this is what I bring with me to client meetings. There is room inside for a pad of paper, a pen, some business cards and storage or loose papers.

18. Black framed glasses: What did you expect?

19. Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Large Plain Notebook, Black (5 x 8.25): I literally have dozens of these things, and yes, I like to sketch in them.

20. Rubber bands, size #32: I buy my own rubber bands, and I always look for the #32s. Not only are they sturdy enough to wrap up a roll of drawings, they are superb for shooting at your coworkers.

21. Stanley Powerlock Tape Measure, 30’ length: I’m surprised at how often I need this, but I generally keep it in my car. It’s too heavy to tote around every day. Not sure why it was in my bag today.

22. iPhone 5: My sweet, new phone (as of 2013) … that I love.

23. Calculator: A Calculated Industries ‘Measure Master 5.’ Calculated Industries actually has the latest version of its calculator available as an app, and I have it on my phone … I just need to remember that it’s there and I’ll probably leave the calculator at the office.

There you have it — a sneak peek into my bag. If you want any of these items for yourself — or maybe you just want to see what they might cost — the links above will take you to the right place.





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The Best Home Decor Instas of 2016 (That You Should Totally Be Following)

If you’re like us and love ogling over beautifully curated spaces, Instagram is probably one of your favorite places to look at *all* the pretty home things. And with another year coming to a close, we’ve found 35 of the best home decor accounts of 2016 that will completely make over your Instagram feed. Whether your plan is to remodel your bedroom or upgrade your living room, or you simply love perusing gorgeous ‘grams, these home decor IG feeds won’t disappoint. Scroll on to geek out over the prettiest design deets and give your faves a follow!

1. @designmilk: Founded by Jaime Derringer, Design Milk is *the* destination for all things modern. If contemporary design with a hint of eccentricity is what floats your boat, head on over to this account and hit that follow!

2. @homepolish: Once you scroll through this collection of beautifully designed rooms, you’ll be motivated to transform your own. With a plethora of behind-the-scenes studio and design tours to peruse, you’ll have plenty of inspiring picks to choose from.

3. @designsponge: Declared a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” by the New York Times, Design Sponge is definitely one to add to your list of decor faves. Run by blogger and author Grace Bonney, this design blog is every creative maven’s dream come true.

4. @jonathanadler: Founded on a commitment to represent the essence of modern American glamour, Jonathan Adler’s promise indeed delivers. Including everything from itty bitty pots to luxe sofas, his collection boasts a timelessly chic style.

5. @lexiwestergard_design: We can always count on this interior designer’s feed for pretty snaps. And now you can too.

6. @theeverygirl_: Are you a creative, career-driven woman? If so, The Everygirl is the account for *you.* Scroll through snapshots of the life you’ve always dreamed of — whether to curb your craving for beautiful spaces or to inspire your next home project.

7. @consortdesign: Cutting edge-meets-classic in this innovative home decor shop and design studio. If there’s one thing you can bet on, it’s that you’ll always find a fresh take on the modern home, following this feed.

8. @em_henderson: We’re big fans of Emily Henderson, and a quick scroll through her feed will show you why. If you’ve got a thing for bright, beautiful and bold pieces, give her ‘gram a follow.

9. @themakerista: Run by Gwen Hefner, a self-proclaimed “jane of all trades,” her blog The Makerista is exactly what its name suggests. Follow this account and expect to scroll through an infinite source of beautiful DIYs and design inspo.

10. @myparadissi: This Crete-born designer, architect and blogger founded My Paradissi after waking up in the middle of the night with an epiphany. Since taking that leap of faith, Eleni has shared her creativity, inspiration and productivity with the world.

11. @athomeinlove: If you’re a fan of a decor style that’s fresh, approachable and full of personality, Aileen Allen’s feed is the one for you. Click on over if you also like handmade elements, pretty color palettes, antiques and quirky details!

12. @jennykomenda: DIY Queen and designer Jenny Komenda can do no wrong. Check out her stories to inspire your next home improvement project.

13. @apartmenttherapy: A harmonious blend of simplicity and luxury, Apartment Therapy is the curated collection of images that’s great for practical inspiration. Check in for daily DIYs and house tours!

14. @sfgirlbybay: Founded on a self-labeled “bohemian modern style,” this decor ‘gram is all kinds of gorgeous. Click that follow button and get an inside look into the everyday life of SFGIRLBYBAY editor Victoria Smith, a SF girl living in LA.

15. @ruemagazine: You couldn’t ask for more than what Rue has to offer. Think: striking design, entertaining tips *and* practical products to make it your own.

16. @thedesignfiles: We love the IG account of Australia’s most popular design blog, The Design Files. Named one of the world’s Top 50 design blogs, this feed will become your go-to for everything from interiors to food to fine art.

17. @the_home_edit: Traditional organizing and design reinvented, The Home Edit is functional interior styling at its very best. This OCD-friendly feed will appeal to your love for all things stylish and thoughtfully organized.

18. @studiomcgee: Say goodbye to winter blues with the bright and beachy aesthetic of Studio McGee. The coolest part is you’ll catch glimpses of the design process, from conception to product picks to the final design!

19. @farmhouseforfour: This kiddie’s room could not be any cuter. Just wait until you see the rest of Lauren Crouch’s dreamy “new-meets-old” farmhouse in Georgia.

20. @monikahibbs: Known for her distinctively clean aesthetic, Monika has curated a collection of images so beautiful it’ll inspire you to remake your own account. Check out her white, airy feed for a lifestyle inspired by fashion, beauty, design, family and all things beautiful.

21. @justinablakeney: Rich colors and worldly patterns make up this dreamy decor blog. Satisfy your appetite for the bohemian aesthetic with this account’s eclectic blend of colors, patterns and plants.

22. @_grits: We would trust this Jacksonville designer with any room in our house. Nicole knows metallic gold accents make for a stunning space.

23. @designlovefest: Run by designer, blogger and DIYer extraordinaire Bri Emery, designlovefest is the Instagram feed you didn’t know you needed in your life until now. Follow for whimsical decor inspiration to guarantee a charming and colorful home.

24. @simplygrove: This account appeals to all you creatives with an appetite for design eye-candy. Click on over to see all the *magic* behind the transformed spaces by interior stylist Kristen Grove.

25. @mrjasongrant: Here’s a feed that can be summed up as laid back, relaxed, casual and quintessentially *Australian.* Rather than over-styling homes, Jason Grant prefers to reflect the owners’ personalities in a very authentic approach.

26. @amberinteriors: Functional *and* beautiful spaces are this residential design firm’s game. Throw in a cute kitty and pup here and there, and you’re left with a follow-worthy feed.

27. @witanddelight_: Bright whites and fresh florals make up this delightful decor feed. If you’re drawn to clean, cute and curated, Wit & Delight is the ‘gram for you.

28. @katemarkerinteriors: We can’t get enough of this studio’s fresh and classic interior design style. Think: “The perfect mix of old and new, creating a timeless look that is fresh and original.”

29. @heatherbullard: Love the cozy, chic look of Country Living interiors? Then give their contributing editor a follow!

30. @thedesignchaser: As a writer and stylist, Michelle Halford’s strength lies in creative expression. Her feed features mostly white interiors with hints of pastel.

31. @hunted_interior: Created to inspire readers hunting for their own style and looking to accomplish it on any budget, the Hunted Interior is one of the top decor blogs to follow. Check out their beautiful feed for home decor tips, DIY projects and other creative decor ideas.

32. @cococozy: Speaking of interior design guru Jonathan Adler, this is one of his favorite interior design blogs! From luxury pillows to painted floor tiles, this collection of chic home accessories doesn’t mess around.

33. @greyandscout: If you’ve got a taste for elegance, indulge yourself by following this feed. It’s full of classy neutrals and midcentury modern elements.

34. @onlydecolove: Think white, white and more white. Katerina Dima’s distinctive Scandinavian/Nordic design is minimalist decor #goals at the very least.

35. @joannagaines: This is the feed of Joanna Gaines, designer, shop owner and lover of making old things new. Her simple, fresh and timeless style is great inspiration for a one-of-a-kind space.


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How to Decorate a Modern Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often the centerpiece of the living room. We arrange seating around the coffee table. We use it to hold essentials such as books and drink coasters. It becomes an impromptu appetizer buffet when it’s time to entertain. So why is it easy to get stuck when it comes to decorating the modern coffee table? Perhaps it’s because sleek, carefully curated spaces demand the thoughtful placement of decor. Our advice: have fun with it. Not to mention, sometimes less is more. Keep reading for helpful tips and eye-catching examples of modern coffee table style!

Less Is More

When in doubt, leave it out. This simple phrase can be a guiding principle as you style your modern coffee table. And even if your coffee table is made of stone, remember that nothing is set in stone when it comes to coffee table decor! You can always add and take away items as needed. Start simple with one large statement, such as a dish filled with seashells:

Dish of shells on a modern coffee table
Dish of shells on a modern coffee table (Image by Alex Ion /

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Sometimes our first instinct is to cover large surfaces with an array of items. Yet lots of “stuff” can make even the largest of spaces seem cluttered. Try leaving a portion of your coffee table exposed for a clean look:

Minimal coffee table decor
Minimal coffee table decor (Image by Alex Ion /

Tempted to display your entire vase collection? Start with just one. You may decide that one is all it takes!

Coffee table with a sleek vase
Coffee table with a sleek vase (Image by Alex Ion /

For those who prefer a bountiful yet tidy look, try placing one bloom-filled vase on your coffee table. The look is abundant yet contemporary, especially if you choose interesting flowers for your arrangement!

Floral arrangement on a coffee table by Montbel
Floral arrangement on a coffee table by Montbel (Image by Alex Ion /

Mellow Tones

If a grouping of items interests you and you’re determined to keep the look low-key, try taking a mellow approach. Choose items in understated tones, such as soft blue. You can also opt for a monochromatic feel by sticking to objects in the same color family.

Coffee table decor in mellow tones
Coffee table decor in mellow tones (Image by Alex Ion /

…or items of the very same color or material!

Monochromatic coffee table decor
Monochromatic coffee table decor (Image by Alex Ion /

A trio of vases makes a lovely yet calm statement on the low coffee table below. The dual-toned surface of the smallest vase creates just the right amount of drama. More on adding drama in the next section!

Trio of vases on a low coffee table
Trio of vases on a low coffee table (Image by Alex Ion /

A tone-on-tone strategy is unexpected. By matching the decor to the color of the coffee table, items stand out simply because the concept is interesting. Plus, the look is anything but cluttered, as both decor and table make a unified statement.

Monochromatic coffee table style
Monochromatic coffee table style (Image by Alex Ion /

Transparent glass is another way to go, whether the glass is colorful or clear. Try filling a clear container with sculptural objects (or one artful item) for an alluring centerpiece:

Coffee table featuring sculptural decor
Coffee table featuring sculptural decor (Image by Alex Ion /

If a grouping interests you, it never hurts to keep the colors neutral. Gray, black, beige and brass are a great place to start. Sometimes all it takes is greenery to add a dose of natural color.

Coffee table decor in understated shades
Coffee table decor in understated shades (Image by Alex Ion /

Creating Drama

So understated isn’t your style? Adding drama just might be the way to go. Even when it comes to bold statements, sometimes less is more. Especially when the focal point is this interesting:

Coffee table with sculptural artwork
Coffee table with sculptural artwork (Image by Alex Ion /

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Large sculptural items are the perfect choice for modern coffee tables. Bonus points if you showcase a centerpiece that’s delightfully unexpected!

Coffee table with a sculptural elephant
Coffee table with a sculptural elephant (Image by Alex Ion /

A grouping of items gets a big dose of drama by varying the height of the items on display. Below we see a collection of interesting, elegant items, including a trio of striking black vases:

Dramatic coffee table decor
Dramatic coffee table decor (Image by Alex Ion /

Don’t forget about the power of one large vase containing sculptural flowers. We’re fans of calla lilies:

Calla lilies add drama and height to a low coffee table
Calla lilies add drama and height to a low coffee table (Image by Alex Ion /

Last but not least, instead of focusing on a cluster of items, you can add drama by grouping a cluster of tables, especially if the tables are slightly different heights. Since more is more when it comes to the tables below, clean-lined vases are all that’s needed to top them!

Vary the height of your coffee table decor
Vary the height of your coffee table decor (Image by Alex Ion /

We hope today’s post inspired you with a range of options. Don’t be afraid to go bold! Have fun and adjust the arrangement as needed. Happy decorating!



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Bathroom Design Idea – Create a Luxurious Spa-Like Bathroom At Home

Anyone who’s spent time at a spa knows that they have the most relaxing atmospheres. While it can feel like magical forces are responsible for creating those feelings, they’re really achieved through careful attention to detail and including elements that contribute to your overall calmness. Here are 6 ways you can recreate those feelings in your own home.

1. Luxurious Wood Details

Wood details like wood paneled walls, a wood floor, and wood accents give your bathroom a warm and inviting feel and makes the space feel more natural. Using natural materials like wood help you feel closer to nature and make it easier relax quickly.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include luxurious wood details.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects. Photography by Audrey Hall.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include luxurious wood details.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by mw|works architecture+design. Photography by Jeremy Bittermann.

2. Crisp White Walls

Crisp white walls are a common feature in spas. White creates a calm, clean feeling and naturally brightens the space without the use of harsh lighting. It’s also a great idea for spa-like walls because virtually every other material and color can be used as accents and changed easily as your taste or needs change.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include crisp white walls and touches of wood.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by A Parallel Architecture. Photography by Topher Ayrhart.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include crisp white walls.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by Contaminar Arquitectos in collaboration with Frederico Louçano, Margarida Carrilho, and Hugo Rainho. Photography by Fernando Guerra – FG+SG architecture photography.

3. Touches of Nature

Adding elements of nature to your spa bathroom at home helps you unwind and makes it easier to get into a fully relaxed state. Whether it’s an entire living wall or just a few a plants scattered around, having a few natural pieces included in your design will help ground you and make you feel more at peace while you relax in your spa-like oasis.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include touches of nature.

See more photos of this house, here. Interior design by Olga Akulova. Photography by Andrey Avdeenko.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include touches of nature.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by SL*Project. Photography by Ilya Ivanov.

4. Rainfall Shower

Few things feel as nice as a warm shower that gently flows from a well-positioned shower head. A rainfall shower is a relaxing way to unwind after a long day and the perfect way to warm up after being out in the cold. When spas have showers they’re often in the form of a rainfall shower head to ensure you have the most relaxing experience possible; include one in your spa at home to ensure the same thing.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Install a rainfall shower head.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by Fabio Galeazzo. Photography by Marco Antônio.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Install a rainfall shower head.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by GASS Architecture.

5. Luxurious Bath

While showers are a great for everyday use, baths are ideal for times when you just need something a little more relaxing. Fill up the tub, light a candle or two, grab a book, and sink down into the warm waters to wash away the stress of a long day.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Install a luxurious deep soaker tub.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by Platform 5 Architects.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include a luxurious deep soaker tub.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by ArchiBlox. Photography by Tom Ross.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include a luxurious deep soaker tub.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by NeumanHayner Architects. Photography by Amit Gosher.

6. Steam Room or Sauna

If you really want to create a spa at home, you can’t forget the sauna. In a room lined with wood and holding spray bottles filled with cold water and eucalyptus oil, let the steam from the sauna relax your muscles, cleanse your body, and carry away any stress you feel from your busy everyday life.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include a steam room or sauna.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by DU Architects. Photography by Brandon Arant.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include a steam room or sauna.

See more photos of this home, here. Designed by Architecture Open Form. Interior design by FX Studio par Clairoux. Photography by Adrien Williams.

Bathroom Design Idea - Create a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home // Include a steam room or sauna.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by ICRAVE. Photography by John Muggenborg.



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Dezeen’s top 10 classic furniture designs reissued in 2016

With interest in mid-century furniture showing no signs of slowing, 2016 has seen a boom in design reissues, from the pioneering creations of the Danish modernists to the icons of Le Corbusier. For our review of the year, deputy editor Rima Sabina Aouf has selected 10 of the best.


Borne Béton lamp by Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier, one of the most important pioneers of modernist architecture, originally created the Borne Beton lamp in 1952 to illuminate walkways at his Unité d’habitation de Marseille.

Italian lighting design firm Nemo reissued the lamp in 2016, making it available in both a large outdoor version and a smaller desktop size.

Read more about the Borne Béton lamp ›


Tube Chair by Joe Colombo

Italian furniture brand Cappellini claimed it was rescuing Joe Colombo’s Tube Chair from the pages of design books when it rereleased the piece earlier this year.

Originally produced by Flexform in 1969, the chair has an ultramodern design and flexible modular construction that led Cappellini to see a place for it in contemporary interiors.

Read more about the Tube Chair ›


AV72 chair by Arne Vodder

Danish modernist Arne Vodder is usually known for his work with wood, but this 1972 chaise longue was his first use of a metal frame.

Furniture brand Erik Jørgensen has now rereleased the AV72, which has a slimline shape that follows the natural contours of the body.

Read more about the AV72 chair ›


PK52 desk by Poul Kjærholm

Influential Danish designer Poul Kjærholm first created these tables in 1955 for classrooms at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he lectured.

It was among a number of designs to be rereleased in 2016 by Carl Hansen & Søn, which launched several variants of the desk, including options with a single drawer and square side table.

Read more about the PK52 desk ›


Chair 300 by Joe Colombo

While Cappellini reissued one of Italian industrial designer Joe Colombo’s most iconic pieces, the Tube Chair, Danish design brand Karakter could not stop at just one item.

It released several of Colombo’s “futuristic” designs, including the gently smiling Chair 300, the cubic Pouf stool and the arched Domo wall light.

Read more about the Chair 300 ›


CH22 lounge chair by Hans J Wegner

Another product to be reissued this year by Carl Hansen & Søn is Danish designer Hans J Wegner’s CH22 lounge chair – one of the first pieces the designer created for the furniture company.

The CH22 lounge chair was first released in 1950, alongside the more iconic CH24 – also known as the Wishbone chair or the Y Chair.

Read more about the CH22 lounge chair ›


FJ 136 chair by Finn Juhl

Furniture manufacturer Onecollection relaunched this 1956 chair, which played an important role in the proliferation of Danish design.

Finn Juhl originally created the FJ 136 chair for British entrepreneur C W F France, whose business strategy was to develop high-quality furniture for export that could be produced at an industrial scale and flat-packed.

Read more about the FJ 136 chair ›


Bunny chair by Józef Chierowski

New brand 366 Concept is rereleasing Polish-designed chairs that were once a common sight in the living rooms of the formerly Soviet Bloc country.

The brand began making the 366 easy chair – designed by Józef Chierowski in 1962 – two years ago, and this year added a second classic design, the Bunny chair, whose legs meet in an inverted, rabbit-ear-like “V”.

Read more about the Bunny chair ›


My Own Chair by Flemming Lassen

Danish architect Flemming Lassen only created one of these chairs back in 1938, when it was made for the yearly Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen. It subsequently sat in the architect’s home

Now By Lassen has released the chair, which features a separate winged back and seat that the brand says was “considered too progressive, even for the modernists of the time, to be put into production”.

Read more about My Own Chair ›


Panthella Mini by Verner Panton

While not technically a reissue — a white version of Danish designer Verner Panton’s 1971 Panthella floor lamp has been in steady production — this year saw lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen introduce a mini desktop model.

It may be shrunken in size, but the Panthella Mini fulfils a hitherto unrealised part of Panton’s original design, using a shade made of metal instead of acrylic.

Read more about Panthella Mini ›



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12 innovative rooftop ideas

So much can be done with the roof of your home as it is a place with no barriers, and your creative ideas are free to shine! Today we will show you 12 out of the ordinary rooftops which have been recreated to become places of leisure and entertainment. Designing and decorating the roof of your home doesn’t have to be a high-budget project either. Join us to see a bundle of innovative ideas to make your rooftop a place of pure leisure and style.

1. Trellis.

Installing a trellis on your rooftop is a relatively inexpensive way to create a space in which to receive and entertain your guests for plenty of happy moments. Attach some lights or lamps onto the trellis and you will create a wonderful ambiance to be enjoyed. The trellis is also a great way to block out the sunlight so that you can go there at any time of the day.

2. Pure inspiration.

Of the most beautiful ideas that come to fruition are ideas that go beyond the ordinary. This setting is magnificent because the rooftop feels like a garden with fresh lawn. Dressed with funky furniture and a covered wooden floor, it feels cozy and inspiring. The view is undeniably spectacular too!

3. Urban paradise.

This rooftop is a haven which provides everything you need. It not only gives you extra room to move, it also acts as a separate Penthouse-space which can be enjoyed by guests and is perfect for moonlight parties.

4. Circular sessions.

Circular furniture always create a sense of closeness when it comes to being with family and friends. The area is surrounded by flowers and plants to increase the sense of warmth and joviality.

5. Rooftop wonders.

A rooftop is not complete without the existence of a table and chairs that are faced to look out at the view. This spot is perfect for relaxing in because it offers comfortable seating along with a wonderful deck which creates a space for relaxation and meditation.

6. Openness.

Using an awning that is transparent lets you enjoy the daylight hours and also creates a sense of expansiveness. The comfort on this rooftop is unmatched because it feels like you are indoors with all the benefits of being outdoors.

7. Luxury.

A rooftop area is not complete without a sense of elegance and by making the outdoors an extension of the style in your home, you create a sense of fluidity between your indoor and outdoor space. Think about the shape of your outdoor funiture and the overall design—the aim is to create a sense of pure comfort.

8. Theater in the round.

Poetic sessions are to be had on a rooftop like this which is allocated for romance. The setting is idyllic and the view is faultless.

9. Outside bar.

The presence of a rooftop bar on your very own rooftop is certainly something that will not want to make you venture far from your home for all your entertainment needs. Enjoying a gathering with some friends and family, you can create your own favorite spot!

10. Modern lights.

Lighting is very important with outdoor spaces and on this rooftop it is perfectly distributed to offer a sense of brightness and color. Sheer inspiration.

11. Urban beach house.

A deck and some pebbles are the perfect ingredients to create a space to sun bake and with a rooftop like this one which offers a lot of sunlight and a breeze, not to mention the BBQ area under cover—it is a perfect spot for all your summer needs.

12. Fascinating.

From fantasy to reality, yes this rooftop has it all. A spot like this makes you feel like all your dreams can come true. Boundless and fascinating, this rooftop is comprised of luxury and extravagance. It is suitable for living life to the fullest!



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7 barn doors to inspire your modern farmhouse style

Love them or hate them, barn doors have serious real estate cachet. According to a Zillow analysis earlier this year, listings with “barn door” in the description sold for 13 percent more and 57 days faster on average than their estimated market values and sell times.

But beyond the apparent financial incentive, barn doors are also a pretty versatile decor solution. They can be a fun alternative to accent walls, an easy bite into the reclaimed wood trend, and a clever way to conceal and reveal various elements of the home. Take a look at these examples—two of which come from tiny houses!


This former horse stable turned stylish guest house sports a zesty barn door that reveals the bedroom | Photo by Mark Woods via Dezeen
Left: A bathroom barn door in a dreamy Brooklyn brownstone, found on a family farm; Right: A polished, deep blue barn door marks the entrance to a staircase in a modern Australian home | Left: Emily Gilbert via Design Sponge; Right: 
Now you see it, now you don’t: This petite barn door in 84 Lumber’s Shonsie tiny house slides to reveal either the closet or bathroom | Photo via 84 Lumber
Do you spy…a barn door here? One Philly couple uses an original barn door in their warehouse loft as a “curtain” at night | Photo by Heidi’s Bridge
The dark wood bathroom barn door in this eco-friendly tiny house goes matchy-matchy with the floors, stairs, and ceilings | Photo via Greenmoxie