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14 Ways Your Garden Can Stay Private From Prying Neighbors

Privacy is a concern for most people living in urban centers. Whether you are unfortunate enough to live next door to the neighbors from hell or if your neighbors are the types to bring you home baked treats regularly, we all value our privacy. Nothing beats the feeling of being truly comfortable at home, and to get that feeling, we often have to erect fences, or grow wild hedges to shut out the outside world.

We have found 14 excellent ideas that you can use to make sure your private backyard stays exactly that—private. From traditional stone walls, to wooden fences, to unconventional metal barriers, the choices are unlimited.

Take a look, be inspired, put one up and you will never have to worry about your neighbors again… unless they use a leaf blower on a Sunday!

1. Natural hedges are a beautiful boundary between properties, but will require constant maintenance.

2. Staggered wooden fences work well for gardens on split levels.

3. Embrace textures and build a stone wall made from different size rocks.

4. Or try enclosing stones in wire cages for an industrial feel.

5. Use dense gardens and colorful flowers to build up natural barriers.

Have a quick look here if you want more garden ideas. Or if you are struggling to imagine what your garden could look like, consult a landscape architect for quality advice.

6. For a modern look, try metal partitions. Copper ages especially well in the weather.

7. Instead of a manicured hedge, you could grow your garden wild. They provide great coverage and require less gardening!

8. Thin strips of wood are good for weaving together for a stunning effect.

9. Or try mixing materials in a concertina formation for a fence that is more like an art installation.

10. Fences are perfect for painting—try dark colors if you like subtle boundaries, or why not paint a colorful mural to make a statement?

11. Your boundary can be themed, or inspired by other cultures. Stone gardens work well with wire fences for an Asian twist.

12. Or if you have an existing brick boundary, extend it into other features in your garden—like this grilling area.

13. High walls are the perfect backdrop for stairs leading to other parts of the house, and a nice excuse to install great lighting.

14. Or for a partition that is slightly less foreboding, use a low wall. Sometimes this is all you need to get a feeling of privacy.

If you are still looking for inspiration for your very own fence, then take a look at these 16 other great ideasthat will make your neighbors jealous!



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